Renewal of residence permits in Turkey: Conditions and nuances

Over the past year, the Migration Office of the Republic of Turkey has been tightening the requirements for obtaining an initial residence permit. Numerous refusals to issue a tourist ikamet at the end of 2022 have also caused concern for people who need to extend their residence permit in Turkey. Today, we will try to figure out how to extend your residence permit in Turkey and minimise the risks of a possible refusal.

Important nuances of renewing a residence permit in Turkey

A residence permit is issued for a specific period of time. Usually, the initial ikamet is issued for a period of 1-2 years, after which the resident must either leave Turkey or extend the ikamet. If you intend to stay in Turkey for several years, you will undoubtedly face the need to extend the ikamet.

If you stay in the country illegally, you may be fined and deported, which in turn may prevent you from obtaining an ikamet or Turkish citizenship in the future.

You can apply for a new ikamet 2 months before the expiry of the current residence permit.

If, for any reason, the extension of the residence permit is not possible within the specified period, the ikamet is annulled, and the person must leave Turkey, after which he/she must re-enter the country and re-apply for a short-term residence permit.

Extension of the ikamet in Turkey in 2023 is possible if the resident has objective reasons. Among them:

  • acquisition of immovable property;
  • higher education;
  • establishment of own business or official employment;
  • conduction of scientific research;
  • medical treatment in a Turkish hospital;
  • humanitarian emergencies.

From 26 April 2022 a new regulation came into force stipulating that a residence permit based on the TAPU can only be issued to owners of properties worth between 75.000 USD for large cities and 50.000 USD for smaller towns. However, please note that these rules only apply for the first application. If you have an extension, the value of the property does not matter.

Renewal of other types of residence permits proceeds in the usual manner. The main thing to bear in mind is that it must continue to fulfil the purpose on the basis of which the initial ikamet was obtained. That is, for example, you will not be able to renew a residence permit on the basis of medical indicators, if your treatment in a Turkish hospital has ended, or if you have graduated from one of the universities in Turkey, the student permit will not renew. You will need to obtain a different type of ikamet.

After 5 years you do not need to renew your residence permit, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. After a continuous residence in Turkey for a period of 8 years or more, a foreigner may apply for a long-term Ikmet. It should be understood that the permanent residence permit is not equal to the citizenship of the Republic: its holder does not have to serve in the army and has no right to participate in elections.

How to extend a residence permit in Turkey: step-by-step instructions

The procedure for extending a residence permit in Turkey is not much different from the process of initial registration of the ikamet. A foreigner must prepare a certain package of documents, fill out an application on the Migration Department’s website, and be interviewed on an appointed day.

Stages of residence permit extension in Turkey:

  • Preparation of the package of documents.
  • Filling in the application form on e-ikamet portal.
  • Choosing a suitable date and time for rendezvous (the website offers options).
  • Visit to the Migration Service for an interview with an officer of the agency and submission of documents.

From the time of application for extension of residence permit until the date of rendezvous you can stay in Turkey legally, even if the initial Ikamet already expired.

It is also worth noting that the residence permit does not impose restrictions on movement within the borders of the country, a person can freely leave the country and return to its territory. However, if the application for an ikamet is still pending with the migration service, and the foreigner must leave Turkey, it is better to notify the agency.

After completing the application on the Migration Office’s website, the resident can choose a date for an interview with the migration officer. The rendezvous itself takes place in the same way as for the initial issuance of the ikamet. A series of questions will be asked, which must be answered as honestly and confidently as possible. The meeting itself lasts no more than 30 minutes.

You will be told the result of the interview during the meeting. You will also be notified by SMS. You can also check the status of the ikamet at

The plastic ID card will be issued within one month. It will be sent by post or delivered by courier to the address given in the application.

List of documents for the extension of the ikamet

Documents for residence permit extension in Turkey:

  • Original and copy of the foreign passport;
  • Health insurance policy from a private or public company, which covers the whole period of the applicant’s extension period;
  • 4 biometric photos;
  • a check confirming the payment of the state fee;
  • Turkish-appostilled marriage and birth certificates for children;
  • Printed questionnaire from the Migration Service website.

Additional documents required include:

  • a bank statement on the availability of funds;
  • residence permit statement of the foreigner (e.g. notarised tenancy agreement for at least 6 months or certificate of ownership of the property – TAPU);
  • a notarised copy of the previous residence permit.

You can also print a copy of your utility bill: water or electricity. It is advisable that the receipt includes your residential address. If you are working or studying, prepare documentation from your school, employer or government office.

Put all these documents in a special pink folder called “dossier”, which you can purchase in a stationery shop. You should also take this folder with you to your rendezvous and give it to the immigration officer.

Costs of renewing a residence permit in Turkey

Let’s take a look at the costs you incur when renewing your visa:

  • Photocopy of a passport – 3 TL (the first page with the photo and the page with the stamp of the last entry into the country).
  • Biometric photo (4 photos) – 50 TL (photos can be taken at a photo shop).
  • Health insurance policy, from 2,000 TL (price will depend on age of insured and type of medical programme chosen)
  • Postage – around 70 TL.
  • Tax fee – the amount depends on the applicant’s nationality (for Russian citizens, the cost is approximately 25 USD).
  • Fee for issuing a plastic card – 400 TL.
  • You may incur additional charges for translation of certain documents.

Reasons for refusal to renew residence permit

The reason for refusal to renew a residence permit may be an incomplete document, or an incorrect preparation of certain documents. Also, the migration service may refuse to renew the permit if the declared purpose of the applicant does not match the reality.

When preparing the package of documents for the extension of residence permit, it is worth preparing a bank statement of money in the bank account. It is desirable to have about 1000 dollars per person per month.

It is better to apply for an extension of residence permit in advance, at least two months before the end of the term of his ikamet, so you will have time to make an appeal, or to test their chances and get another type of residence permit in the event of rejection.

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