Alanya Worth Visiting: Part 3

Let’s continue with a look at some of Alanya’s must-see attractions.

Kleopatra Beach

Kleopatra Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Alanya. Legend has it that this part of the coastline was given to Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen of Egypt, by the lovesick Roman general Mark Anthony. Cleopatra’s beach is indeed beautiful: it’s spread out near a majestic rocky cliff, the top of which is topped by the medieval fortress of Alanya. It’s beauty, cleanliness, safety and landscaping have earned it an international Blue Flag Award every year. Nearby are relaxing areas and cosy cafes, a small souvenir market and parks.

Damlatash Cave

This unique cave is known not only for the mesmerising beauty of centuries-old stalactites and stalagmites but also for its healing microclimate. The cave is situated on the western side of Alanya Rock. The place was discovered by chance during the extraction of materials for the construction of the port in 1948: after one of the explosions, the workers saw a cavity going deep into the mountain.

The height of Damlatash cave is approximately 15 meters, width – 14 meters. There are comfortable descents and ascents everywhere and multicolored atmospheric lighting is arranged. The constant temperature and the air, saturated with salts, have a beneficial effect on the well-being of people who suffer from lung diseases.

The ancient city of Siedra

On the outskirts of Alanya, near Gazipasa district, on top of a mountain is the ancient settlement of Siedra, built during the Antiquity. Today it is open to tourists and visitors.

Archaeologists date the time of construction of Siedra to the period from VII to III B.C. What is left of the town now stands at a time of intense regional development: it was once a major trading port for the entire Mediterranean and was home to some 5,000 inhabitants. For the convenience of visitors, the historic site has paths and convenient ramps, benches and an observation deck.

Sapadere Canyon

The 700-metre scenic canyon was opened to tourists in 2008. There is an interesting hiking route here. The untouched nature, the prevailing coolness even on the hottest days, the fresh, crystal clear mountain rivers, the pine groves, and the majesty of the mountains are striking at first sight. A fish restaurant is open in the canyon. In the evening, landscape lighting is switched on.

Alarahan Fortress

Not far from Alanya is another must-see site, the Alarahan Fortress. The building dates back to the Byzantine period. It served as a defensive outpost, and also as a safe haven for traders and travelers along the Silk Road. The stone buildings and viewing platforms were previously accessible by climbing over 120 stone steps. That’s why not all tourists, but only true lovers of antiquities, used to come here. Since the opening of the ropeway, however, the journey literally takes 5 minutes.

Archaeological excavations are still carried out on the site. In addition to walking around the site, guests can watch interesting ethnic-style performances.

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