Alanya Worth Visiting: Part 1

Alanya is part of the Turkish Riviera, a tourist destination that makes most tourists fall in love with it from the very first moment they visit.

The resort towns where it is possible to combine an all-inclusive holiday with sightseeing are always of great interest to foreigners. And in this respect, Alanya has a lot to offer for its visitors in terms of natural, cultural, historical and fun places to visit.

In today’s article we have collected the must-see sights.

The Fortress of Alanya

The medieval castle is one of the main symbols of Alanya. It stands on a 25-meter high cliff jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a unique historical site, reportedly built in the XIII century, on the site of an ancient Roman and Byzantine castle. The defensive bastion, impregnable on three sides, is perfectly preserved to this day: fortress walls, observation towers and other ancient buildings allow you to experience the atmosphere of millennia gone by and take great pictures against the background of the fortress and the panoramic views of the sea and the city.

The Red Tower

Kızıl Kule or Red Tower is a cultural, historical and architectural monument from Seljuk times and another of Alanya’s most beautiful places to visit. Like some of the other buildings, the Red Tower was built in the 12th century and today it is the main sight along with the Alanya Castle. It is also the symbol of the town, depicted on its coat of arms.

Kızıl Kule is a majestic tower with eight faces, 29 metres in diameter and 33 metres high walls. Climbing up the tower one can get to the observation deck, from where one has a breathtaking view of the harbour and the city. The first level of the structure is occupied by an ethnographic museum section where interesting artefacts from different eras are on display.

Tersane shipyard

The Tersne Shipyard, built in the 12th century, is a must-see site. For 150 years Alanya Shipyard has served its primary purpose: building new ships, mooring, repairing and servicing existing ones. The Alanya Shipyard is a medieval brick construction consisting of five docks, a watchtower, and auxiliary buildings. The docks have a very picturesque and mysterious appearance due to their pointed arches and high vaults.

The Tersane shipyard now houses a museum. On display are such artefacts as old navigation charts, tools used by shipbuilders, various ship tackers, and even the wreck of a medieval ship. In the evening, the shipyard is lit up beautifully.

Alanya’s waterfront

The many kilometres of promenade runs along virtually the entire resort and its districts. The waterfront is lined with entertainment and shopping areas (cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops) and beaches. Thanks to the efforts of the local municipality, holidaymakers and visitors can walk along the footpaths, relax on the benches, use the children’s and sports grounds, cycle paths, enjoy the fountains and greenery: palm trees, picturesque flower beds, landscaping. In the evening, the lights go on, adding to the romantic ambience of this beautiful place. The waterfront is also home to the Port of Alanya, where cruise ships dock to destinations on the Turkish Riviera.

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